Week 1 - Monday Pilot Division - Fall 2018
Monday, September 10th 2018, 6:30pm

Location Away Team Home Team
Court 03 Hottie Biscotti Hottie Biscotti Biscuits and Lazy Biscuits and Lazy
Court 02 Sponge Worthy Sponge Worthy Bad News Biscuits Bad News Biscuits
Court 01 Pucks Run Amuck Pucks Run Amuck Back That Tang Up Back That Tang Up
Court 04 Tang It! Tang It! The Mighty Pucks The Mighty Pucks
Court 06 Tang's For the Memories Tang's For the Memories Shuffy The Vampire Slayer Shuffy The Vampire Slayer
Court 07 The Salty Pirates The Salty Pirates The After Shuffalos The After Shuffalos
Court 09 The Tangge-Uppes The Tangge-Uppes Puck Nasty Puck Nasty
Court 05 Tang On The Drum All Day Tang On The Drum All Day Butter Yo Biscuit Butter Yo Biscuit
Court 08 The Shuffleupagusses The Shuffleupagusses Royal Palms Spam Folder Royal Palms Spam Folder
Court 10 Whiskey Tang Foxtrot Whiskey Tang Foxtrot mHUBians mHUBians