Week 1 - Monday Pilot Division - Winter 2019
Monday, January 14th 2019, 6:30pm

Location Away Team Home Team
Court 02 Biscuits and Lazy Biscuits and Lazy The Shuffleupagusses The Shuffleupagusses
Court 03 Pucks Run Amuck Pucks Run Amuck Hottie Biscotti Hottie Biscotti
Court 04 Shuffy The Vampire Slayer Shuffy The Vampire Slayer Bad News Biscuits Bad News Biscuits
Court 08 Puck Nasty Puck Nasty Shufflepuck Time Shufflepuck Time
Court 09 Winsome Boozesomes Winsome Boozesomes The Salty Pirates The Salty Pirates
Court 10 Tang On The Drum All Day Tang On The Drum All Day Tang to me, Goose Tang to me, Goose
Court 01 Fashion Police Fashion Police Great Day to be a Flyer Great Day to be a Flyer
Court 05 The Omero Catangs The Omero Catangs Back That Tang Up Back That Tang Up
Court 06 The Cupid Shufflers The Cupid Shufflers The Royal TenenPalms The Royal TenenPalms
Court 07 Whiskey Tang Foxtrot Whiskey Tang Foxtrot Royal Palms Spam Folder Royal Palms Spam Folder